Decadent caramel & creamy vanilla combine for a lusciously long lasting sweet aroma.

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100% natural soy wax
Cotton-braid lead free wick

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Large 48hrs

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Candle care

Kindly follow these simple steps to get the best out of your Made at the Ranch candle.

The first burn:

The first time you burn a soy candle sets the memory for the melt pool. For the cleanest and most even burn possible, the first time you light your candle it should be allowed to burn long enough for the melt pool to reach the outer rim of the container evenly – this is called a memory burn. This will avoid future craters, tunnelling and uneven wax build up, so you get the most out of your candle. If you only allow the first burn to last an hour or so, this will result in a really small wax pool, where the dry hard wax around the outside edge will almost never burn, as subsequent melt pools will not extend past the original memory burn.

If your candle has multiple wicks, they must all be lit every time the candle is used.

Trim your wick:

When relighting your candle after the first burn, ensure the wax has cooled and completely hardened, then trim the wick to approximately 5mm – 10mm. Regularly trim the wick on your soy candle prior to relighting it. This will minimise soot forming, prevents your candle from smoking, and also avoids the wick building up to a mushroom looking ball at the end, which can eventually fall into the melt pool and become a fire hazard. Ensuring you don’t let the candle burn longer than the recommended maximum time will also help prevent this from occurring. Be careful not to over trim your wick, or the flame won’t be large enough to melt the wax to the edge again.

Soot build up:

No candle can be completely soot free, but rest assured that in choosing 100% natural soy wax, your Made At The Ranch candle will have significantly less soot than the paraffin alternatives, Any noticeable soot will be much lighter, and typically comes from too-long wicks, not pollutants. Some soot may become noticeable around the rim if you typically tilt your candle on it’s side to light it – we recommend using an extended lighter rather than a short match or small lighter to prevent having to handle the candle upon each use. Any soot created from the wick can be wiped off the jar once the flame has been extinguished, and the glass has cooled.

Candle safety

– Firstly, always use common sense when burning a candle.
– Keep candles out of reach of children and pets.
– Always burn on a heat-resistant flat surface, and never leave unattended.
– Never move a burning candle, always ensure it’s extinguished and wax has cooled before handling. Glass may become hot, always handle with care.
– Burn in a draft free area, clear of flammable objects.
– Do not use the wooden lid to extinguish the candle. Use a candle snuffer, or if not available, blow gently and steadily on the flame until it is extinguished.
– Do not burn your candle all the way down, always leave a minimum of 1.5cm of wax at the bottom of the glass to risk the vessel overheating when empty.
– Do not use if glass is cracked or chipped.
– You can burn your Large and X-Large candles for up to 4 hours at a time. Lit candles must be supervised at all times.

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