Ultrasonic Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Diffuser- Oak light



Ultrasonic Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Diffuser

Two perfect worlds collide! Combining ultrasonic technology with the natural benefits of Himalayan Salt, purify and revitalise any home with the next step in holistic wellness.

Technology meets Tranquility to provide you with aromatherapy, Himalayan salt lamp, calm and soothing illumination all at once.

This Diffuser is specifically designed to cater to your needs. Utilising the instantaneous benefits of ultrasonic vibrations and Himalayan salt lamp, it works silently in the background to break down your Essential Oil infused water into a microscopic mist that easily dissipates into the atmosphere, leaving your mind, body and soul at peace. Two perfect worlds collide! This diffuser is the ideal companion and has everything you could possibly need, just need to add Certified Organic Essential Oils. (sold Separately)


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