Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffusers


Through your sense of smell a scent has the power to lift you to an emotional state of happiness with each and every inhale. Here’s a list of the emotional benefits these aromatherapy blends are intended to invoke:

  1. Enrich – A pure essential oil blend of lavender that helps promote calmness and wellness as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Blended with the benefits of patchouli oil and grapefruit which work together to balance and calm the emotions. A natural aroma to relax your senses which makes it one of the favourites in the range.
  2. Uplift – is a stimulating and energizing blend of pure essential oils for a natural pick you up. Each blend features the invigorating freshness of Lemongrass, Peppermint and Grapefruit combined with the rejuvenating properties of Clary Sage, Bergamot and Aniseed oil.
  3. Harmony – is a synergy of sweet orange, ylang ylang and rose geranium for a blend that will uplift, balance and sooth your emotions. An infusion to invoke emotions of love for all those that have the pleasure of inhaling this beautiful blend.
  4. Festivity – is a beautiful blend of cinnamon and sweet orange. Together they will invoke a mood for celebration. This infusion has a warming, uplifting, reviving, aphrodisiac, calming and comforting affect.


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Fragrant Reed DiffusersHere you’ll find the cleanest, natural and best reed diffusers and reed diffuser oil refills in Australia.

  • Here is why Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffusers are a chosen favourite:
    • Each blend has been intentionally blended by our aromatherapist to provide you with holistic emotional benefits as well as pleasure your sense of smell. Scroll below to read what’s infused in each of these amazing blends.
    • They are naturally infused with 100% pure essential oils that are chemical-free, non-synthetic, non-toxic and completely free of any nasty toxins
    • Each blend is infused in an alcohol free, eco-solvent base derived from plant stocks without the VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
    • You can enjoy a pure essential oil reed diffuser to drift an amazing aroma through your rooms to keep them smelling wonderful at every moment of the day.
    • Being natural they are also an ideal way to dissolve aromas from pets, cooking preparation or lack of ventilation
    • With 140mls of diffuser blend in each bottle you can can expect this to comfortably last 90 days.
    • An ideal size for small to medium sized rooms. For larger, open air rooms use two diffusers to keep the scent flowing. If your diffuser is placed in front of an open air window then the breeze will cause the diffuser to evaporate faster.
    • NB: essential oils may still react to painted surfaces so always place your diffuser on a coaster to prevent damage from accidental spillages.

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Enrich, Uplift, Harmony, Festivity


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