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These great warm/cold packs are made with 100% cotton outer and filled with rice inner. These may be used warm or cold. If you require your packs to be warm then follow instruction given upon purchase and keep in a safe place for reference. ‘

If you wish your pack to be cold then pop your pack In a zip lock bag and put in freezer until cold.


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  • Warm packs should have clear heating instructions: Always follow the directions which are given to you apon purchase and do not overheat.
  • Lay the pack out evenly in the microwave: This will help prevent hot spots.
  • Take care upon removal from the microwave as there may be steam emitting.
  • Do not place the pack directly onto exposed skin: It may cause contact burns especially in the very young and the elderly. Caution should be used if the heat pack is a plush snuggle toy.
  • Do not use as a bed warmer: Your bedding can prevent heat from escaping the pack, causing it to ignite.
  • Do not reheat or store the pack until it is completely cool: The pack should be cooled first on a non-combustible surface, like the kitchen sink.
  • Monitor for signs of deterioration: If you notice a burned or charred smell, or if it’s deteriorating or scorched, don’t keep it. Leave it in the kitchen sink to cool down and then throw it away. Replace your heat pack when needed.
  • Do not soak or wet your wash your heat packs.
  • Use a damp sponge to clean.
  • Do not heat your packs for more than 2 min for eye pillow.
  • Keep out of reach of children, Adult supervision is required.


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